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Frequently asked questions Moving Services In Richmond VA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Go Green a moving company that provides moving services in Richmond VA?
A: Yes, not only are we a moving company that provides moving services in Richmond VA, but we also provide stackable, sturdy, plastic eco-friendly moving boxes for rent!

Q: Can I hire you to only move my belongings/household goods like a traditional moving company and not rent the plastic Go Green boxes?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I only rent the moving boxes and move my own belongings/household goods and then have you just pick up the moving boxes once my move is complete?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I do a combination of both?
A: Yes, absolutely! Be sure to check out our moving services tab to start your stress-free move today!

Q: What size are the Go Green Boxes?
A: The boxes are 27” long x 17” Wide x 12” deep.

Q: How do I order Go Green Boxes for my next move?
A: Call us! Fill out the contact informational block and a company representative will contact you shortly if received during business hours. You can expect a call the next day if filled out and submitted after business hours. Don’t hesitate to fill out a reservation request at any time of the day!

Q: How do I pay for my order/reservation?
A: Call us and we will walk you through making a payment over the phone! It’s easy and simple, we will get your payment processed easily and quickly. We look forward to making your next move a less stress-free and easily organizable!

Q: How many Go Green boxes should I order?
A: It definitely depends on your move and how you pack. You can either order what you think will be enough and if it’s not, call us back and we will get you some more! Or, you can order a little extra to make sure you have enough. Either way, we got you covered!

Q: Are Go Green boxes clean each time a customer receives them?
A: Yes, you can be assured that each box will be cleaned prior to each use!

Q: Am I doing something to conserve the environment?
A: Yes, absolutely! The more cardboard we keep out of landfills and the more Go Green boxes are cleaned and recycled for another successful move, the better we are at conserving nature’s resources!

Q: Does Go Green offer the service to move the Go Green boxes for me/us?
A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: Does somebody have to be at my house or apartment when Go Green shows up to drop my Go Green boxes off?
A: Yes, we require you or a representative to be present when Go Green shows up. We are very flexible and can drop off at a work location should you choose since that sometimes works out for some folks better especially if you or significant other has a truck. You (or a representative) will need to sign that you have received and accepted our service. Just arrange it on your phone call with a Go Green representative and we can work with you. Our goal is to make it easier on you so don’t hesitate to ask us questions.

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When you request a rental box from Go Green Rent A Box you will not have to move a muscle because we take care of the labor and workload. Our team will deliver and pick up your eco-friendly boxes. Our number one goal is to make your move, obligations and life easier!