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Go Green Rent A Box is one of the best Richmond VA moving companies. We here at Go Green Rent A Box know how stressful moving to Richmond, VA can be. Packing everything up is tedious, tiring, and extremely stressful. It can often take days to get everything ready for a move. Then comes the fun part of loading everything into a moving truck. It could take multiple trips depending on the length of the drive to the new location and the number of items a family may have. Moving to Richmond, Virginia can be costly between purchasing cardboard boxes and packing tape, truck rentals, gas, and other expenses. Thankfully, Go Green Rent A Box is a perfect solution that saves time, money, and resources. We are one of the best local moving companies in Richmond, VA and we love to make sure our clients are happy throughout the moving process. We offer all of the necessary moving supplies needed at affordable prices. Not to mention, many of our moving products are also eco-friendly and can be reused multiple times. If you are looking for professional movers in Richmond, VA, make sure to use Go Green Rent A Box for all of your moving supplies!

Providing Moving Products in Richmond, VA 

People moving in the Richmond, VA area will typically buy several large cardboard boxes, packing tape, zip ties, and several other products to prepare for a move. These boxes take up a large amount of space and typically need more than one trip in order to move them all when using a car or SUV. Cardboard boxes are usually thrown out immediately following a move, which only hurts the environment. We here at Go Green Rent A Box recognize that, and aim to be both economically and environmentally conscious. We offer our own Go Green Moving Box, which is a reusable packing solution. We price it at a fraction of the average cardboard box so that everyone can have access to it. Packaging tape is not needed as our boxes come with their own closure system. We also offer pricing plans depending on the size of the apartment or house to further simplify the process. Whether moving into a studio apartment in Richmond, VA or a house in one of the surrounding towns in the Greater Richmond area, Go Green Rent A Box has your back. We are one of the best Richmond VA moving companies and we will get the job done. 

Movers Richmond, VA

Go Green Rent A Box offers different moving services to accommodate the needs of our clients. We offer the traditional services of moving trucks and can move your belongings on the truck to the new location. Our professional movers in Richmond, VA can move you and your family to any other location within the Greater Richmond area. Our trucks are large enough to accommodate most pieces of furniture. We want to make the moving process for you as smooth as possible and we’re prepared to transport your belongings in an efficient manner. We’re also more than happy to offer a combination of our moving boxes to further accommodate any client request. We offer a wide range of moving box plans to best fit the client’s needs. This gives people moving to Richmond the freedom to leave the heavier and larger items for us to move and take only their essentials. For one of the best Richmond VA moving companies, contact Go Green Rent A Box today.

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