Benefits of Reusable Storage Bins For Moving

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September 7, 2018

Go Green Rent A Box is the number one company for moving boxes, and storage bins. Go Green Rent A Box is locally owned and operated in Midlothian, VA. We provide organized, dependable and environmentally-friendly moving storage solutions. Green Rent A Box strives to eliminate the stress of moving while providing an eco-friendly alternative to the typical cardboard box. There are many benefits to utilizing reusable storage bins during the moving process such as saving money, better protection, no need to recycle.

Benefits of Reusable Storage Bins For Moving

  • Save Money
  • Better Protection
  • Durable
  • No Need To Recycle

Save Money

The moving process can often be costly in order to get all the right supplies. Multiple boxes, tape, and other adhesives can be quite expensive. Using reusable storage bins from Go Green Rent A Box will allow a person to save money during the moving process. As a result, reusable storage bins will allow a person to save an estimated 50% as compared to using a cardboard box. Our boxes are equipped with a simple and easy closure at the top of the box and do not require tape or additional supplies. This will also allow for fewer boxes to be required for the move and can reuse them during the moving process. Therefore, using a cardboard box may result in breaking or tearing during the move which may require purchasing new boxes.

Better Protection

Reusable storage boxes from Go Green Rent A Box offer excellent protection from rain. The typical card box does not offer adequate protection from rain which can allow for possible damage to the goods inside of the box. Go Green Rent A Box provides a durable and sturdy bin that is designed to protect the items inside as the belongings may shift during the moving process.


Go Green Rent A Box provides a durable box which is crucial for moving. Often cardboard boxes can break or tear if there is too much weight added. However, Go Green Rent A Box provides a durable box that will not break under heavyweight. These boxes also provide special handles which allow them to be easily picked up and transported. In addition, these boxes can be stacked on top of each other and the boxes will not crush any other boxes below.

No Need To Recycle

Using a reusable storage box from Go Green Rent A Box will result in not needing to be recycled. This is because once a person is finished using the boxes, Go Green Rent A Box will pick up the boxes and reuse them. Therefore, this creates less waste in the environment and landfills as compared to using a typical cardboard box. In addition, cardboard is not 100% recyclable and results in impacting the environment in a negative way.

For all of a person’s moving supplies, Go Green Rent A Box has the best supplies for reusable moving boxes and storage bins. This is an excellent method to make moving easier and to produce less waste during the process. Call us today at (804) 372-7690 to find out more information regarding our green moving supplies!


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