Wilkinson Terrace VA Moving Company

Anyone who is looking to move in or around Wilkinson Terrace, VA should consider moving with Go Green Rent A Box. We are a moving company which provides reusable moving boxes and moving truck rental in Midlothian, VA. One of the many ways we are different from other moving companies is that we make it our mission to help the environment. By offering reusable moving boxes, we reduce the unnecessary use of paper. We deliver our environmentally friendly rental moving boxes to your original location. No cardboard boxes are necessary. After you have packed your belongings in our rental boxes, we will take them to your desired location. Once you finish unpacking, we clean and reuse our Go Green boxes for the next time. We make the process as easy as possible so you can focus on more important things.

Wilkinson Terrace, VA Moving Company Products

Our main moving product in Wilkinson Terrace, Va is the Go Green Rental Box. With the use of our self-sealed boxes, no tape is necessary while packing. The Go Green Box is a sturdy box that won’t rip or potentially poke into adjacent boxes. We also provide blankets for the safe movement of heavy objects so that flooring does not get scratched. These blankets can also fit easily between objects to give extra padding. Labels, also provided by us, keep the boxes organized so they can be opened in the right order. Our moving products are available locally for clients in Wilkinson Terrace, VA. Not only are our moving products recyclable and reused to protect the environment but they are also thoroughly cleaned. We wash our equipment after every use.

Wilkinson Terrace, VA Moving Company Services

Moving can seem like a daunting task for those without help. Depending on how long the drive and how many things get packed and loaded, it can be exhausting. By the time you get to your destination the last thing you want to do is start the unpacking and organizing process. At Go Green Rent A Box, we want to handle most of the hard work for you. We can wrap up any furniture that won’t fit inside our boxes then load all of your pre-packed boxes and goods into our moving truck. After our moving services arrive in or leave Wilkinson Terrace, VA, you only need to meet us at your new home. We will then unload your belongings so all you need to do is unpack. We offer commercial moving services for companies as well. Handling a move with us will help organize all of the separate pieces into one place rather than relying on multiple sources.

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